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Join the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Foundation in its mission to provide support for work-based learning and financial literacy programs to benefit young people and others seeking employment or professional advancement in our community. This work is done with and through the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association. We work with education, community, non-profit and business partners as we help provide career exploration and real-world experience for local students.

Dr. Dennis Buckley of Health Advantage Physical Medicine shares his experience with Pasadena Chamber of Commerce's Summer Internship Program.


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I have to thank you for screening the kids, and finding Denis for us.  He was the PERFECT fit for the Print Spot.  He is a reliable, respectful, responsible young man.  He has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk to (and joke around with!).

Everything I made as a requirement ...he met.  We have really enjoyed the few weeks that we had with him.

Even though this is just our second time having an intern, this was indeed the best fit with ANY hire we've had (outside of who we currently have hired!).

Denis also rebuilt our website, updated our Facebook social media page, assisted me with Yelp and a survey for a non-profit organization I volunteer for.  There is so much more that he did, this email would be too long!!

Just...Priceless.  Absolutely priceless.

This program is amazing!  Thank you for orchestrating and being a key component to making this a success.

Now.  The problem for you... how are you gonna find us another Denis!!??

Good luck with that!  :)

Wende Lee, The Print Spot


Wende Lee, The Print Spot