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Let’s give our youth an edge in life by showing them the vast landscape of the world of work. Our program provides high school students opportunities now in order for them to make informed choices around higher education and career.  In Pasadena we are working together so youth will be prepared to be contributing members of society and our economy.

Partnering with Pasadena Youth Works allows you to provide industry exposure to students in the form of guest speaker panels, job shadows, informational interviews, mentoring and internships.

Thanks to input from the business community we are adapting curriculum to meet industry standards.


We want our youth to be able to compete locally and globally. Won’t you join us in making Pasadena a strong contender in the global workforce?


Providing access for students to a real-world work environment can have huge benefits to that young person and their education. 


Study after study, and our experience, shows that work-based learning can provide a more balanced, more effective and better education for students at all levels.


You can help support the education of local young people by being part of Pasadena Youth Works and our efforts to connect business and education for the benefit of students.


This is a no-cost, low impact opportunity for businesses to positively influence the education of local young people.


There are many ways to be involved and impactful. You and/or your employees can:


  • Can be a classroom speaker and share your work, education and life experience with students
  • Can host a student job shadow experience. For two hours you can host a student in your workplace, >explaining your business, showing what you do and enlightening them about your workplace.
  • Can host a student intern. Hosting an intern is not hiring a part-time employee. Interns spend time (usually between 60 and 100 hours) in your workplace understanding what your business does, how it functions, what you and your employees contribute to your company's success and what qualifications you require of your employees. All interns come with work permits, liability and worker's comp insurance.
  • Can join a College and Career Academy advisory group and provide input to educators about curriculum, work-based learning and student experiences. 
  • Can hire a young person for part-time summer or school-year employment. 


Here is a testimonial from a 2015 summer intern host: