Resources for Youth

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Here are some resources for young people interested in internship, job or other opportunities:

  • Ideal Youth-Ideal Youth places young people from the greater Pasadena Community into internship opportunities throughout the Southern California area. High school and college age students can find internship opportunities with engineering companies, legal offices and much more. For years now, Ideal youth has recruited and trained students to be summer interns in professional workplaces. Youth receive a multi-week training in workplace ettiquette, dress and deportment, customer service, interpersonal relationships and more. Young people placed through Ideal Youth are prepared to be meaningful, contributing members of the host company's staff. Ideal Youth places about 80 interns each year. Ideal Youth also has employment opportunities for some seleect young people following the summer internship opportunities. Click here for more information:
  • Pasadena Unified School District-PUSD places interns from their high schools with a variety of employers throughout the area through the College and Career Pathways office. Click here for information:
  • San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership-SGVEP works with school districts in the San Gabriel Valley to identify and place student interns inappropriate work-based learning environments. Click here for more information:
  • Ambassador Youth Program-Sponsored by the Office of the City Manager, Northwest Programs Division. The Ambassador Youth is a year round program for high school students between the ages of 14-18 to provide training in basic work readiness through assisting at City and private events. The Ambassador program also provides personal development and college preparatory training opportunities. Click here to sign up to receive information on the Ambasador Youth Program: Call 626-744-6879 for information
  • Youth Council -Sponsored by the Human Services and Recreation Department. The Pasadena Youth Council is the advisory body for the City of Pasadena that represents the youth of Pasadena. The Youth Council creates opportunities for youth involvement in decision-making in the community on matters affecting youth. The Youth Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 pm. Contact: Maricela Galvez at 626-744-6524
  • Summer Rose Employment Program -Sponsored by the Human Services and Recreation Department. The Summer Rose Program takes place during the summer for youth 16-21 years of age. Applications are available throughhigh school counselors at John Muir, Blair, Marshal Fundamental and Pasadena High School. Contact: Rozanne Adanto at 626-744-6530
  • Teen Education Center- Sponsored by the Human Services and Recreation Department. The La Pintoresca Teen Center offers tutoring with qualified staff, field trips, computer lab with games, media programs, cooking classes and other activities. The LPTEC also provides teens with the opportunity to get involved in community and special events at La Pintoresca Park. Contact: Yuriko Montes at 626-345-0708
  • Workforce Investment Act Youth Program-Sponsored by the Housing Department, Career Services Division. A year round program, providing eligible youth the support, education, and training that will assist in identifying and developing career objectives,while completing a high school education. Eligible youth must be 14 to 21years of age, low income and must meet one of six barriers to employment.The youth program emphasizes attainment of basic skills and opportunities for academic and occupational training, and provides exposure to the jobmarket and employment. Contact: Sarah Mendoza-Jaime at 626-584-8383
  • College Access Plan (CAP) helps PUSD students and families navigate the college process, supporting them from middle school through college graduation. At CAP, there are no requirements for participation, no barriers to higher education, and no limits to what students can achieve. CAP serves students and families at all PUSD high schools and offers free drop-in college advising, whether students are interested in attending community college or a four-year college. We also offer two enrolled courses: College Essay Workshops for seniors in the fall, and College 101 for Juniors in the spring. For more information on CAP’s programs at your school, visit our website at or email us at
  • Public Health by Teens for Teens-Sponsored by the Public Health Department. The Public Health Department offers opportunities for youth who are interested in a career in public health and health care services. View our youth calendar with events to promote public health in your community. Contact: Mary Uretecho-Garcia at 626-744-6000
  • Teen Central-Sponsored by Pasadena Public Library, Central Branch. Pasadena teens have a new area to call their own, located on the fourth floor of the Central library for youth 12-17 years of age. Teen Central is a place to study, hang out and check out the library's expansive selection of teen books, magazines, and DVD's. Training on resume writing and college preparation are also offered. Contact: Jane Gov at 626-744-4246
  • Fire Explorer Post-Sponsored by Pasadena Fire Department. A program for youth ages 14-21 that are interested in the field of fire service.Training includes both classroom and practical applications.Fire Explorers participate in various local and national programs designed to provide assistance to local members of the community. Contact: Trey Sorenson at 626-793-1120
  • Explorer Program-Sponsored by the Pasadena Police Department. The Police Explorer program is for young men and women ages 14-21 years of age. It's an opportunity to give young adults the chance to work with officers and employees of the Pasadena Police Department and their community, and possibly continue towards a careerin law enforcement. Contact: Corporal Glenn Thompson at 626-744-3743
  • Junior Police Safety Academy-Sponsored by the Pasadena Police Department. The Pasadena Junior Police Academy is a joint venture between the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments in which 40 Pasadena are a youth participate in a five-day academy, our participants experience interaction with both Police and Fire personnel and learn firsthand what these professions involve and career opportunities that are available. Contact: Community Services Section at 626-744-4551
  • Pasadena Athletic League- Sponsored by the Pasadena Police Department. The Police Activities League sponsored activities such as arts and crafts, computer classes local, state and national tournaments in basketball, golf, karate, soccer, and softball. Contact: Lieutenant Eduardo Calatayud at 626-744-6485
  • MASH (Maintenance Assistance to Senior Homeowners Program)-Maintenance Assistance and Services to Homeowners (MASH), consisting of men and women in a unique training program, provides numerous services to home owners as well as business owners and city departments. Contact: Joe Padilla at 626-744-4620